Slice Pop-up Toaster

Features & details

7 heat settings for variable browning control

Plastic shock-proof body

Higher lift for smaller bread slices

Mid cycle cancel function

Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

Cord winder for easy storage

Power on indication, CE certified product

Flexible power cord of 1.2 meter length

6 ampere plug with earthing for safety

Warranty: 2 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Power: 700 watts

Includes: Main Unit, manual

Country of Origin: China


Usha pt 3720 pop up toaster is a handy kitchen appliance that will give you freshly toasted bread slices in a matter of minutes this simple appliance comes loaded with features for easy operation. Right from toasting the slices to a desired crispiness level to pausing the function mid-way, you are sure to find this toaster to be one of the best ones available in the market. Variable browning control: This Usha pop-up toaster has a color controller knob that allows you to get the desired crispiness and color on the slice of toast up to 7 levels whether you prefer ultra-crisp, rich brown toast slices or softer lesser brown ones, making them in the Usha pt 3720 pop-up toaster is easy. Easy to clean slide-out crumb tray: The Usha pt 3720 pop-up toaster comes with an easy to remove crumb tray to clean the bread crumbs collected during toasting. Mid cycle cancel function: A mid cycle cancel function allows you to withdraw the bread slices from the slots at any point of time when they are being toasted.




available at: ₹ 1094







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