Thomson BTS-05 5W Bluetooth Speaker

Features & details

Straight out of Europe with over 120 years of heritage, Thomson has always led the Audio and Visual tech revolution. Today the brand is known for its cutting edge design, innovative technologies and outstanding performance. That’s why its products are called European Youth Machines.

5W that’s enough to get the beat on : Enough. The Goldilocks zone. Perfecto! The power output has been described in so many ways. And each means that the 5watts it churns out is ample to get the groove on.

6 Hrs Playtime : The days are long and the nights longer. So don’t get caught without the power to party. The 1200 mAh battery charges fast and then keeps the tunes pouring out for 6 hours. Now use them well

Connnet with the TWS Connection : Doulbe the power. Double the fun. Link up with another BTS05 and see how two become one. You get the output of two (10watts) while controlling it with one.

Pocket Friendly : It’s big enough to start a party but small enough to fit in your pockets. Except for them skinny jeans then you can hang it off a loop. We built it for the mobile generation. That’s you!

Hey! We are on speaker phone mode : Get the gang talking. Use the BTS05 as a con call center with great audio and perfect conversations. The sensitive built in MIC makes chats real. Just says the word!

The Range and the connections : Pair smartphones, tablets, laptops and more via Bluetooth 5.0. It has a wireless connectivity upto 10 meters. Connect devices such as MP3 players using the included AUX cable. Or play music with memory card. You have all the options.



available at: ₹ 819







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