Key Features

• Color: Grey, Orange

• Type: Freestyle Skipping Rope

• Length: 275 cm

Our high quality and affordable Freestyle Jump Rope is suitable for kids, women, men athletes, fighters, etc. They are professionally designed for Cross Fit, Fitness Training, , Boxing Training, Double & Triple Unders Competitions and kids. Our speed ropes have been used by top Jump Rope Athletes because of their High-Performance nature.

Key Features

• Pack of 1

• Color: Yellow

• Type: Freestyle Skipping Rope

• Length: 259 cm

• Exercise Type: Criss-cross. A simple variation where you cross and uncross your feet each jump , Heel to Toe ,Running in one spot ,Side rope swings ,High knees , Double Jumps ,One Foot Jumps



available at: ₹ 95







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